The brewery

Champigneulles is the oldest working brewery in France, with an output of more than 250 million litres. It has 170 permanent employees but takes on an additional 50 to 60 temporary workers during the peak season, in summer. It concentrates on the production of bottled beers (25cl and 50cl) and cans (33cl, 44cl and 50cl).

A short history

The Champigneulles brewery was founded in 1897 but legend has it that beer production dates from more than a thousand years earlier because St. Arnold, patron saint of brewers, is said to have filled the empty barrels of thirsty pilgrims with ale when they were processing with his relics circa 640 A.D. This miracle is said to have happened in Champigneulles.

The Champigneulles brewery had its heyday in the 1950s and 1960s. It was the official sponsor of the Tour de France for some fifteen years and it sponsored the 1968 Olympic Games. In fact, it was a household name.